Want to study the Bible?
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  • We believe that God is the only authority for religious faith
  • We believe that the Word of God gives us wisdom which leads to faith and salvation in Jesus the King
  • We believe that full immersion into Jesus and a life of dedication is the proper response to the Grace which God has poured out on mankind
  • As a church, we worship as is shown through God’s revelation to Jesus’ appointed spokesmen. Second to that we often incorporate wisdom which good Bible students have shown us over recent generations.
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Where we are

When we meet

Sunday 11:00AM

Bible Study:
Sunday 10:00AM
Wednesday 6:00PM
+off site studies


Want to Study the Bible?

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About us-

We are a small gathering of Christians in Andalusia AL, who make it our goal to exist and live as God commands from His Word. We believe in the Bible as a collection of God’s word, and study it privately and publicly. We are unaffiliated with any other church or denomination. What the church does is determined by our head: Jesus Christ. How we accomplish His directives from Scripture is carefully decided with study and prayer. All who genuinely desire to please God are welcome to join us as we worship and spread the news of Jesus.

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